Who, What, and Why?

My name is Elizabeth Velazquez and I am a 21-year-old who happens to love CHAOS! comics and as a result I have an attachment to the character Purgatori. During the height of the CHAOS! company reign I was only a few years old, so I did not get a chance to experience the bad ass women that conquered the 90s – at first. Upon my dissent into comics I visited a shop in Philadelphia, Atomic City Comics. Here I encountered, in the dollar bins, my new found love. Still it would not be until months later that I begin reading about the blood Goddess. I fell quick and hard. I admired the qualities that Purgatori had because she could react without caring about the consequences. I fell in love with her all the way around, she is beautiful, strong, and she knows it, it hurts to think about the fact that she does not really exist (although the reality of her is actually terrifying to imagine in person). So I am here now in celebration of her upcoming new series by Dynamite, to share my love of Purgatori to anyone who appreciates her as much as I do.



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