Between Heaven and Hell Pt. 2 – The Fall of Purgatori

Lady Death: Between Heaven and Hell #3 (May 1995)

Lady Death is forcing the truth out of Purgatori. She further reveals that she detests humanity and that she sacrificed thousands just to appeal to Lucifer. Purgatori explains how it was his blood she wanted – the blood of The Darkest God. That he banished her through the Nexus to Necropolis, which was home to a sect of Roman deities. Here she drank the blood of Gods for thousands of years, but she grew bored of the blood of demi-gods. She had discovered she was trapped, there was no way to travel through the Nexus, a possible punishment by Lucifer.

Eons later, there was a disturbance within the Nexus, Purgatori and her faithful pet, Chimera, seized the opportunity. Here was Lady Death’s mother, Marion, inches away from Heaven’s Gate, but Purgatori denied her access. Chimera grabbed hold of her and Purgatori seized her thoughts, here she learned the most intimate things about Lady Death.

This is the point where Purgatori began to desire Death’s power. Unfortunately the Nexus required balance, so Purgatori had to be patient, and thus waited 400 years. Each day she would visit Marion to learn more and to check on the Nexus.

One day Fallen Angels arrived, returning from the abyss, seeking sovereignty over everything – this “signaled the beginning of the Judgement Era.” Purgatori’s kingdom was the first to fall, they wanted to eliminate her from the competition. Purgatori risked her existence and used Marion’s soul as her bridge back to hell. The plan was to become empowered and return to fall the countless Fallen Angels one by one.

Lady Death is enraged to learn that her mother’s soul has never known eternal rest, she is about to attack Purgatori when Lucifer breaks through the ground and rises in front of them, knocking them off balance.

Lady Death goes to attack Lucifer but her sword disappears, she rushes at him again but he freezes her in the air. Purgatori is begging to be spared in the background when Lucifer calls on his demons. Lucifer explains that by revealing his absence, she has forced his hand, and that he will deal with her later. Two demons emerge from the ground and begin to take her away, she pleads her him to take pity.

Lucifer is now alone with Lady Death, he grabs her throat and holds her in the air. He is showing her the obliteration of the Endless Graveyard. In seconds, Hell has returned and Lucifer demands that Lady Death submit to him, she resists but nonetheless is forced to kneel before him.

Lucifer begins to tell his story, how he was the highest official in Heaven, and how his “foolish pride” led to his fall. His punishment was banishment from Heaven, and many angels had followed him. He refers to them as “Fallen Angels” and “Broken Angels.” They traveled through the Nexus to Earth, the angels dispersing wherever they pleased. The fallen angels, lust filling their hearts, saw that the daughters of man were fair. They coupled with many humans but the unions were always damned, the women would give birth to monstrosities. Thus came the birth of evil, the perversions that came to be the offspring – the monsters of today.

Lucifer reveals that he chose Lady Death because her father was the 666th generation of fallen angels and her mother had such a pure bloodline that it reached Heaven. It should be noted that Lucifer cannot create but only taint what God has created. He taunts Lady Death with the fact that she took his challenge “As long as the living walk the earth…you will never…ever return home.” and believed it to be her own actions. She was merely doing his work for him, she chose the darkness instead of the light, because of this Lucifer wins. The bodies of Niccolo, Father Orbec, and Cremator carry Lady Death to a building marked “All Hope Abandon.” Her father is there, proclaiming how proud he is that she will take Lucifer by her side. Her mother is coxing her to give into darkness. Lady Death is screaming in resistance.

“Deep within the nightmare city of Dis” is Purgatori chained in a dungeon. Lucifer has arrived and voices his displeasure of her actions. Purgatori disclosures that Lucifer’s presence is punishment enough, in anger he raises his hand toward her and yells “Be still your tongue. Wench!!.” It is not clear what happens, but it is implied that he has caused her harm as her screams can be heard through the dungeon doors.

Lady Death is placed into a coffin, demons posing as her family and friends laugh at her. She is tired and alone, she wishes to surrender. She believes now that it is her curse and destiny to fall into darkness, to surrender. Later Lucifer comes to ask what path she has chosen, she has decided to become his. Lady Death is now Lady Demon and Lucifer welcomes her to the family.

Lady Death: Between Heaven and Hell #4 (June 1995)

Lady Demon is about to fight with Purgatori, their time of reckoning is near. Lady Demon still has Death’s memories and is filled with anger about Marion. Purgatori states that she’d rather die before she tells her where she has imprisoned the soul of her mother.

As punishment for not revealing the location, Lady Demon decides that death is too kind a punishment. She prefers her to “suffer for the rest” of her “miserable existence!” Lady Demon decides to send her back to earth among mortals, the place Purgatori detests most. In conjunction she takes away Purgatori’s godlike powers, it is then that she is thrown into the Nexus.

Purgatori, upon seeing her destination, is horrified and begs whatever forces at play to stop this.

In this story arc Purgatori is bested by Lady Death and her alter ego Lady Demon. She has lost her godlike powers and is banished back to the place that she detests most. Unfortunately that makes Purgatori the loser of this round.




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