Lady Death vs. Purgatori – Wizard Ace Edition – CHAOS!

The Lady Death vs. Purgatori Wizard #17 ACE Edition (1997) should not be confused as a variant cover for the latter Lady Death vs. Purgatori (1999) issue. The Wizard edition offers a sneak peek of events that had previously happened in Evil Ernie: Revenge #1-4. Oddly enough, the inside of the issue claims to include issues from Revenge and Lady Death #3. This may have been where the misconception began, in which people believe Lady Death #3 to be Purgatori’s first appearance, which is a false claim (Refer back to my blog post “The Fake First Appearance“).

I really love how you can see through the front cover. Covers like these are very crafty, I find pleasure in seeing Hughes’s Lady Death art and then finding Balent’s Purgatori on the inside. It is a unique blend of these two artists. Defiantly one worth having, if not for the cover, then especially if you are in the mood to just read Purgatori’s parts of Ernie’s Revenge series.

Side Note ~ Looking through these CHAOS! issues really makes me wish Lady Death was not separated from the universe. (Dynamite now owns the rights to all the CHAOS! characters, except Lady Death. Brian Pulido still owns the rights to the Queen of All that is Dead and Dying).


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