CHAOS! Quarterly #1 – Hell on Earth

After the events of Lady Death: Between Heaven and Hell is CHAOS! Quarterly #1 (October 1995). Purgatori, amongst three other characters, is included in her own short that explains what happens after Lady Demon banishes her through the Nexus.

The Nexus opens up in San Francisco, Purgatori screams out in displeasure as she falls. She has not been back to Earth in 3000 years, then she was just a common vampire. She is no longer familiar with the surroundings and has made another disturbing discovery – she feels a hunger that has not been present for some time.

A few blocks away, The Faithless One, a serial murderer of vampires, is chasing down a vampire. He finally pins the vampire down and mercilessly shoves his hand under the dead man’s facial skin, blood gushes.

Purgatori finds a newspaper and realizes that it is 1995. She is kneeling on the ground in front of a club called “Torture Garden”, those who pass her notice that she is not feeling well. Purgatori goes into the club in search of blood, she immediately is pleased with what she see’s. She also realizes that, even though she has fallen from grace, she still has rudimentary powers – such as the power of persuasion.

Purgatori, with her powers of persuasion, makes a woman, Siouxsie, believe that she wants to be ravaged. Siouxsie agrees and they leave together. The other women in the club are jealous, Siouxsie does not just leave with anybody. Purgatori drinks the girl’s blood in an alley, she is upset that she is a slave to blood once again. It is also upsetting to learn that mortal blood is still too thin, she realizes that she needs an ancient vampire to feed on.

The Faithless One picks up on Purgatori’s scent, the smell of an ancient vampire. He craves to learn the truth about God, he hopes that this ancient will know.

Purgatori leaves the alley, with Siouxsie’s coat on, and begins walking down a street. She smells disease and decay. The air is poison to her and her senses become clouded and blurry. It dawns on her that she must find refuge from the coming light. Suddenly a man darts passed her, cutting the front of her coat, he is demanding the truth. Purgatori barely sensed him approach and is upset that he has cut her. He keeps questioning her but he is so confusing that she thinks he speaks in riddles. He asks if there is a god, if the fallen angels left heaven, and whether the fallen angels coupled with man to produce monsters such as them. Finally Purgatori has The Faithless One pinned down on the floor. He begs her for the truth while his wrists spurt out blood.

He claims that he suffers like this every night in sympathy of Christ’s sacrifice. He believes he is suffering in vain because he has no faith. Purgatori understands what he is asking, at this point he is crying. She asks him whether he wants to know about God and Heaven, he says “Yes!”, she slits open his throat with her nail and says “Then don’t ask me!.” Purgatori throws his body and tells him to ask the devil and that she will see him in hell. She laughs as she flies away into the night.

The next panel flashes to Africa where a mysterious women is standing with two white tigers. She cannot believe her eyes, within the flames she see’s a vision of Purgatori. This women believes that Purgatori must pay for her sins, and decides it is time to gather the Coven of Ancients.


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