My Purgatori Comic Book Collection

Today I thought I’d post my own Purgatori comic book collection. It is about 85% complete with rarer issues missing. Some of these include Purgatori: The Vampire’s Myth #1 Black Onyx Edition, Purgatori: #0 Premium, Purgatori: Emprie CBLDF, and some foil variants and ashcans, etc.

For a full comic book checklist checkout out the tab on top of the site called “Comic Checklist.” Here I will have a relatively comprehensive list of all Purgatori’s titles and variants. An updated list will be posted as needed.


3 thoughts on “My Purgatori Comic Book Collection

  1. Have you gotten any more since this was published? I know of the Dynamite ones since you commented about them but not sure about any others


      • Would definitely love to hear what you have now! Along with figures, cards, posters even too. I got lucky to own a few but I’ll never have as many as you have gotten so far. (Own around 36 comics, one being a Ashcan, Purgatori 0, along with the Clayburn Moore Figure, the basic lady death and the women of chaos love bites 72 card set with Purgatori’s chase card and her Wizard Promo Card #2.) I also got a Chastity Metallic Luncbox and Calling Card (And a Evil Ernie one too)


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