Brian Pulido’s Purgatori Vampire Goddess Statute


To date, the most alluring of Purgatori’s statues, though there are many, is Brian Pulido’s cold cast resin Vampire Goddess by Sam Greenwell. She is simply to die for in person, my favorite version is when her wings are displayed up. There is such beauty in the magnitude of her wings. Her face portrays confidence and pose, and the statute itself radiates confidence and a carefree take no prisoners attitude. I simply love having her by my bed, waking up to her presence is all I ask from the Goddess. This statute is 1/6 in scale and was released back in 2000 by the Eternal Toys line [Just a heads up, Dynamite is developing a Toy line and is planning for Eternal Toys to have a come back]. If you are in the market for this figure here is a fair warning, people are selling it for a lot of money right now. I would just keep a look out until a decently priced one comes along. Luckily I got mine for around $99 on ebay, unfortunately people try to sell it between $600-$800.

“Purgatori, the vampire Goddess, is immortalized for eternity in this magnificent cold cast resin sculpture, sculpted by Sam Greenwell. Alluring, yet deadly, Purgatori stands seductively over twenty inches tall atop an Egyptian themed base. This high quality collector’s piece comes with two sets of wings – one set with wings up in defiance and one set with her wings down and wrapped around her breathtaking form. The Purgatori sculpture is strictly limited to 4,000. Limited Edition sculptures and 300 Ruby Sapphire Artist’s Proof Edition sculptures signed by Brian Pulido and Sam Greenwell.”



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