Prelude to Purgatori: The Vampire’s Myth

This issue is just a quick sneak peak of the events from Purgatori: The Vampire’s Myth.

Writer: Brian Pulido

Illustrator: Jim Balent

Colorist: Jason Jensen

Purgatori: Prelude #-1 (May 1996)

The Mysterious shapeshifter, introduced in Chaos Quarterly #1 is the vampire queen Kabala. Kabala and her coven live in the jungles of Tanzania, she seeks vengeance against Purgatori. She calls out to Jade, another member of the Coven of Ancients, to tell her that Purgatori has returned to Earth.

In Shanghai, China is the home of the vampire sorceress Jade. Jade hears Kabala’s warning, she too senses Purgatori. Her return is a mystery for they had believed her dead. Jade also seeks revenge, blaming Purgatori for the sorrow she feels. She showcases her skills, slitting her victims throats with a simple thought.  Purgatori hears Jade bragging about being at the peak of her power and skills. She blocks out Jade’s thoughts with a veil of silence, but she fears her ancient enemies will finally defeat her on account of her weak state.

In San Francisco, Purgatori is searching for powerful blood to restore her strength. She happens on The Bordello of Blood, an operation founded in the mid-1800s, where vampire hostesses feed among the city’s underworld. Though they have many powers, they are unprepared for the attack sprung upon them by Purgatori. Through her telepathic thoughts, the vampire vixens find out that she has been to Hell and has feasted on the blood of Gods. In fear, the powerful vampires beg for mercy but Purgatori ravages away at them nonetheless. She relishes on their blood which boils with uncertainty.

As Purgatori feeds on the last vampire, she recalls a time she has tried to forget, her human life. It is the height of the great imperial Egyptian empire and the Queen, obsessed with immortality, has slaves building a grand burial tomb. Purgatori, then known as Sakkara, was one of these slaves. Sakkara ground corn constantly and was whipped even when she had done nothing unsatisfactory

The images still flow into Purgatori’s mind as she continues sucking the blood. She is able to repress some of her memories because they are too painful to recall. We learn that she was rescued from slavery, that she found love, was married, content, betrayed, and sought vengeance. She found the mythic Celtic wanderer who turned her into a vampire. The Celtic man saw potential in Sakkara, a combination of fire in her eyes and the blood of her fallen angel ancestors.

Finally the event that links her with the Coven of Ancients comes to mind. As Purgatori, she is taking her vengeance against her lover who entered into a marriage of convenience. The Queen’s wedding was to establish the unification of an Egyptian Empire, the General promised to protect the Queen from the revolting slaves. Blinded by passion, Purgatori attacked those at the ceremony, creating the Coven of Ancients by default. “She wanted her lover back, her wife – the Queen!”

As the blood drains away, so do the images of her past. Purgatori’s hunger is now content but she is aware that she is still no match for the coven, further acknowledging that the coven knows this as well. Purgatori believes her only chance of victory is in Egypt, she makes the painful decision to go back to her homeland.


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