Chastity: Rocked

Writer: Phil Nutman

Artist: Josue Justiniano

Purgatori is briefly mentioned in the Chastity Rocked series. Below you will find all the minute details of her appearance.


Chastity: Rocked #1 (November, 1998)

Chastity wonders why Jade has returned to the United States, she wonders if Purgatori is the reason.


Chastity: Rocked #2 (December, 1998)


Jade is telling Chastity the story of her turn to a vampire, she speaks of an attack by a “Red-Skinned Demon”, Purgatori, that created her.


Chastity: Rocked #4 (February, 1999)


Purgatori only appears on the cover of this issue.


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