Evil Ernie #1-3

Writer: Brian Pulido

Artist: David Brewer

Evil Ernie #1 (July, 1998)


Purgatori is performing a cannibal magick ritual, she uses it to transport herself outside of Mary’s body to confront Ernie for the first time.

Chastity, currently dating Ernie, claims to have heard of the blood goddess. Purgatori takes Chastity as leverage to get Ernie to follow her.


Purgatori has Chastity chained down on a table, her game has begun and she has no intention of turning over the prize.


Evil Ernie #2 (August, 1998)


Cover by Kyle Hotz

Chastity appears distressed as Purgatori strokes her face, she finds the Goddess scary and repulsive. Purgatori is just using Chaz as a pawn but senses something different about her.


Purgatori goes into Chaz’s mind and recalls the memories of the young vampire. She is impressed that Chaz bested her nemesis Jade, but finds her pathetic for loving Ernie.

Chastity is weak from the bloodlust, because Purgatori finds her useful she gives her an innocent human to feed from, but Chaz refuses. Purgatori bites into the human and pours her blood into a chalice, which she feeds to the little vampire.


Purgatori changes into her human form and takes them to the Red Lip Stick Club, to have some fun. A girl spills her drink on Purgatori, she orders her to clean it up. The girlfriend gets jealous but Purgatori spells her to submission as well.

Evil Ernie #3 (September, 1998)


There is a scream and the window behind Chaz breaks. Purgatori’s form reverts back, it is revealed that she has drained the girl. The jealous girlfriend comes barging in but she quickly kills her. Purgatori is upset, it is revealed that she sent the savior to pretend to work with Ernie, but now he is being attacked.


She flies away with Chastity and barges through the roof of the building where Ernie is. Purgatori calls the Savior incompetent and orders him to begin the ritual.

Purgatori suspects that Ernie’s “mind has control over reality in the mortal realm”, she goes into his mind to explore further. Ernie begins attacking her in the dream world, Purgatori’s solution is to concentrate on Ernie’s most painful memories.


This upsets Ernie, he breaks through her grip and goes to attack her. Purgatori disappears but just as quickly reappears and is punched by Ernie.


Chastity kicks Purgatori but Ernie steps back in. Ernie orders one of his cyber-dead to cease-fire, Purgatori takes this moment to make her exit. She has learned his weakness but fears his ability to create and the potential it carries.


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