The Omen: Vexed


Artist: Ed Benes

The Omen: Vexed (October, 1998)

SCAN0380In this issue Vex faints and is transported to a dream-like state.

Purgatori is attempting an arcane blood ritual which looks to be successful. Unfortunately she feels an entity entering her mind, and she screams for it to get out.


The next time we see Purgatori she attacks Vex with a blood lasso and calls her a world destroyer and a bastard spawn of Chaos (Vex is the child of the Chaos Lord Genocide). She is further cryptic when she claims that “he” wants Vex but cannot have her.

SCAN0382Vex grabs hold of the lasso, Purgatori is surprised by her strength. She pulls Purgatori toward her and places her hand on her head. Purgatori’s head begins to burn, she further comments that Vex’s true nature is what “he” wants.

SCAN0383Purgatori is further convinced that Vex must die. She lunges at Vex and resists the urge to feed on the girl, her blood stinks of chaos and Purgatori does not wish to be infected by it. She begins to choke Vex when Vex’s powers take hold again, she urges Purgatori to embrace the chaos within herself. Purgatori is kneeling on the ground with her hands boxing her ears, she refuses to submit to chaos.

SCAN0384Suddenly Purgatori faints and is reverted to her human form. A dark figure stands behind her claiming that she has failed him.

SCAN0385Purgatori suddenly wakes up in her arcane alter room. She is attempting to remain in control and keep herself in order, refusing to let the chaos within her take hold.


In the end we learn that the creature who hired Purgatori is Nocturnus, who is actually an illusion for a bunch of chaos demons. Their hope was to kill Vex by manipulating others to do it.


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