Commissions, Commissions, and Commissions!

One of the best things about loving a character is being able to pick what artists you would like to portray her in the form of a commission. I am always over the moon at the fact that artists find the time to do these services for fans. While I am still a novice at the process (mostly because of financial limitations *cough college student*), I have acquired three pieces that I truly love. In the future I hope to attain many more. I already have many ideas at who I want to illustrate the Blood Goddess next!

I have only been going to comic conventions for two years now. My first was Baltimore Comic Con in 2013, next I went to Asbury Comic Con 2014, then Delaware Comic Con 2014, and again Baltimore 2014. Baltimore Comic Con 2014 was my most prepared convention ever. I even had two commissions ready by the time I got there.

The first was by Matt Slay, I believe I made the perfect choice. I love his depiction of the Blood Goddess, and howย dark his portrayalย looks. I can never stop staring at it and have hung it right above my bed.


The next was Sajad Shah, this was to be my color piece of the convention. I am always taken aback by Sajad’s artwork and how beautifully he draws his characters. This is a piece I delightfully hang above my Purgatori comic shelf (I will post about this on a later date).


The one I was not expecting, but could not pass up, was Adam Hughes. He was doing quick head sketches and I cannot deny it was a very exciting time for me. I have always adored Adam’s work and was delighted that he was offering this service.


Safe to say I left that Baltimore Comic Con rather poor – but extremely happy with my new additions. If you ever have a chance to commission your favorite character, I highly recommend you do it. It is such an exciting experience to know that this piece of art is unique and all yours.


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