Guide to Ashcans – Purgatori Edition

Ashcans are typically used for copyright purposes. Companies use them to secure titles, characters, and concepts so that no one else uses them. Comic ashcans typically showcase work in progress issues, which often come in the form of black and white pages on different quality paper. They are usually produced in fewer quantities and therefore they can become quite the collectible. CHAOS! used them very frequently in order to give fans a taste of what was coming. These were often produced in the forms of Standard and Premium editions, the latter being the rarer.

Being that I collect all things Purgatori, these collectibles are something I could not pass up. Beyond just collecting these, they serve a purpose that holds similar to when writers release scripts (a connection to the writing and character). Some ashcans just display WIP pictures but others also include things like preliminary sketches and actual pages from scripts. They are quite the collectible to anyone who is a fan of a character and very much worth investing in. Now this does not mean you should pay crazy money for these things, often you will find them for a decent price if you just look hard enough. If you ever need help searching for something Purgatori related, just let me know and I can help you in your journey. Finding rare issues, including ashcans, has become a skill of mine.

Below are the Purgatori ashcans that I have been able to find. For the most part, this should be all of them but surprises do happen. πŸ™‚

Now I want to showcase some of the interiors I have picked out from various ashcans. I choose a variety of different images that give you a conclusive idea of what to expect if you decide to purchase an ashcan (just remember that not all ashcans are the same and some just include WIP panels).

I hope you enjoyed thisΒ mass post about ashcans! As a collector, they are well worth the purchase – also the limited quantities make them all the more desirable!

Here is an eBay link to some Purgatori ashcans available.

Cover/Interior Artists include Al Rio, Romano Molenaar, Fabiano Neves, & Adriano Batista.


5 thoughts on “Guide to Ashcans – Purgatori Edition

  1. A quick question, when it’s coming to the limted to 50 ones and their standard counterpart, which ones would be the more different? For example, any difference between the two Ravenous Editions?


  2. I had picked up a few things before her, nothing I really read. Was looking for a different comic at the time when I came across one of the Purgatori Monthly comics. She immediately stood out, looking awesome and utter merciless. So I picked her up and here I am a year later. Unfortunately because I’m from the UK, she’s extremely hard to get (Without paying through the nose on eBay) so i’ve had to get very, very lucky to find stuff.


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