East Coast Comic Con 2015 Commissions

Asbury Park Comic Con has been officially upgraded to East Coast Comic Con at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey. I loved Asbury, smaller conventions always feel special in a way that bigger ones cannot. Yet, I have to say that the Meadowlands was a pleasant surprise. The venue was much larger and contained to one floor, there seemed to be more creators, artists, vendors and exhibitors this year. I found a lot of comics I had been looking for – and at fantastic prices! I did not expect to get many commissions, but I ended up adding two at the convention along my already two pre-show commissions, totaling four of the Blood Goddess. I am excited to present them here!

Maria Danalakis


Maria is an artist whose work I have adored since I purchased her Huntress print at Baltimore Comic Con 2013. I have since commissioned Batwoman and now I have requested a Purgatori piece. She has this cute pin-up style to her work that I really admire and love to look at, commissioning her is really a no brainer. I immediately fell in love with this commission, she did an amazing job and I cannot get over how stunning this piece is!

Here is a link to the artists Facebook, Etsy, and Website.

Jeff Shultz 


When picking people for commissions, particularly because I typically focus on one character, I like to get a range of different art styles. When I saw that Archie Comics artist, Jeff Shultz, was attending East Coast I immediately thought of him as a candidate to portray the Blood Goddess. I was blown away with the commission upon receiving it and was excited to see her even in a battle pose! This type of artist style is exactly why I seek different artists to commission Purgatori.

Here is a link to the artists Facebook.

Ayşegül Sınav


Ayşegül is a comic book artist from Istanbul, Turkey, whom is about to graduate from The Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in NJ. I met her at the convention and was immediately entranced by looking upon her portfolio of gorgeous artwork and pages of panels. I really think she will be illustrating for a major comic company in the near future. I was excited to commission someone directly at the convention and so Ayşegül became the perfect person to do so – and I was very pleased with how this piece of art turned out!

Here is a link to the artists Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Website.

Varga Tamás


Varga is an artist from Hungary who is also attending The Kubert School, and attended the con with Ayşegül, along with another fellow student. I initially went to their table when I saw his beautiful head sketches and knew I had to have one and I am very happy with the results. I really like the additional detail of the bone structure to Purgatori’s wings, I think that is an important quality for the Blood Goddess for illustrators to remember, they are really one of the most terrifying things about her.

Here is a link to the artists Facebook, TwitterTumblr, Instagram, and Website.

Hope you enjoyed these commissions! My next convention is First State Comic Con in June, this is a much smaller convention and I only have one commission lined up. After that I have Baltimore Comic Con in September, I am really excited for that!


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