Purgatori in Cosplay!

For some time I had an idea where I thought it would be cool to have Purgatori on different sketch covers other than her own. This spurned the thought that she could be trying on outfits of different superheroines or villains. I came up with a list of five characters that I knew I wanted, these included Wonder Woman, Black Cat, Medusa, Spider-Woman, and Harley Quinn. I liked the idea so much that I began thinking about how I would go about this. Would it be different artists for each cover? Then I came across an instagram account called DustinsArt and I immediately fell in love with his art style and knew he was the right person for the task at hand. Upon contact I was pleased that he was interested and veryyy reasonably priced, I took a chance and commissioned all five of the covers I had presently wanted. I am ecstatic to finally be able to showcase these beauties in all their glory and satisfied that I picked the right person for this fun project.

You can find Dustin on Instagram!

I hope you enjoyed these covers and are as impressed with Dustin as I am! He is as talented as they come and I cannot wait to see what more he produces in life.

QUESTION: What character should Purgatori cosplay in the future?


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