Purgatori Monthly

“I can halt the coursing blood within an enemy’s veins! Blind him by pooling his fluid in his eyes! Make her spurt a cloud of vital life! Or summon his exploding heart into my hands! Vengeance and ascension are not mutually exclusive!”

This 7 issue monthly series that began in October 98′ is written by David Quinn with stunning art by Al Rio. This series picks with Purgatori inSCAN0199 New York where she finds a plethora of fallen angels, some allies and others enemy’s. Through her allies, The Fallen, she finds out about her prophecy of ascension. Upon returning back to business in the guise of Sakkara she encounters her ex-paramour, Satrina. They become lovers once more but Satrina betrays her by hiring a vampire assassin named Karmilla to kill her. Karmilla is only going after someone as threatening as Purgatori because her children have been abducted and she seeks to save them by completing Satrina’s task. Purgatori defeats SCAN0299Karmilla and sends her to hell. Next she seeks out Jade and in her quest runs into Dracula who promises to help Purgatori attain the Chalice of Regeneration from Jade. They complete their quest but Dracula betrays Purgatori and tries to steal the Chalice for himself. Dracula hopes to win the war among the vampire clans and rule all. Purgatori defeats Dracula and learns that he is already dying, his blood has been poisoned by the modern vampire’s experiment to kill him. Dracula hopes to take Purgatori down with him but she bests him and rips out his heart and fangs. By wearing his fangs on a necklace she now controls hisΒ vampiric allies and all his earthly powers.


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