Purgatori: Goddess Rising

Writer: Marc Andreyko

Artist: Mike Deodato, Jr.

“I have never been defiled by man. Let alone impregnated with his seed!”

One of the things that have alwaysΒ defined Purgatori was her rise to power. Everything she has done has been to gain power, no matter the price. This is a common theme in her stories and something that seems to follow her wherever she goes. This is a perfect arc to showcase her ascension, properly titled “Goddess Rising.”SCAN0533 The art by Mike Deodato, Jr. is stunning and appropriate in regards to portraying the Goddesses new image.

The arc begins in July 99′ in the aftermath of the 7-issue Purgatori Monthly series. Purgatori is once again working with Satrina, this time they take down the vatican vampires and steal their treasures. Through visions summoned by blood alchemy, Purgatori see’s into her future, which reveals that Satrina wishes to kill her. Satrina summons a monster to do this but he refuses to be controlled and attempts to harm her, in fear Satrina runs into Purgatori’s arms only to have her heart ripped out by the Blood Goddess. The creatures reveals himself to be Gorge, Purgatori’s blood son. He claims to help her seek knowledge in her quest for ascension. The Goddess now believes Rath was working with Satrina all along and attacks. She rips out Rubicante’s, Rath’s brother, spine. It is revealed that Rath has not betrayed Purgatori but wants to see her ascension into Godhood. The Goddess visits a world with the finest warriors from across the universe and turns them into her blood warriors willingly. They go after Asgard first and defeat all the Asgardians, she now wields the Odin power as her own. Purgatori keeps one of the valkyries, Lady Death’s half sister Vulvania, as her concubine and warrior. Finally Gorge betrays her in an attempt to steal her power but she bests him with ease and heads off with her warrior army.