Dynamite Never Went Off

As with every new title released under a publisher, sales typically decrease as the series goes on. The trend of rebooting series is a marketing ploy so that the sales can increase with each new #1 produced. Unfortunately, the comic publisher Dynamite Entertainment never quite hit the sales mark hoped once they released their wave of titles for the Chaos! Comics characters. There was hope after the first wave that another one would be produced but no such luck. Evil Ernie just recieved his third series from Dynamite this past year but he has been the only one. It also does not help that Tim Seeley is signed exclusive to another publisher. Who is there now to helm the world of Chaos!?…it is sad that these characters keep appearing forgotten by their latest publishers.

Purgatori’s mini series ended two years ago with no continuation. I was constantly looking for a new series but all I recieved was brief appearances in events such as Swords of Sorrow (laugh) and Alice Cooper vs. Chaos!. At this point I am done waiting and just feel anger. If Dynamite does not wish to use these characters then they should at least give them to a publisher that does. Keeping fans waiting this long is ridiculous…they would never wait that long for a character like Vampirella. Vampirella has a large fan base, which comes from her not only being an iconic character but having a large publication history. If you do not produce any new comics than people loose interest.

Dynmaite must be hestitant to put out more Chaos! because of sales, which I had mentioned was lower than expected. Honestly though the Chaos! characters are iconic it is also important to note that Chaos! Fiends have an extreme loyalty to the creator of these characters – Brian Pulido. Without him in the mix Dynamite has to rebuild these characters on their own without the Pulido Fan Base. Sure there are some that transition over but it is not without guilt. Fiends believe that by reading Dynamite material that they are beytraying Pulido and the foundation of his characters.

Honestly at this point I think Dynamite is better selling these characters off. I can only hope that Brian Pulido will be the one to pick them up if this ever happens. If that were to happen than I strongly believe that sales would be fantastic. What Dynamite really lacks is Brian’s charisma and marketing that he has in place. He has a passion for what he is publishing, lets the world know it and creates an excitement for any new material. I had a lot of hope for this publisher but the truth is that Pulido is the soul behind Chaos!.




One thought on “Dynamite Never Went Off

  1. I agree. I’ve been waiting new Purgatori comics for 2 years. I’m so disappointed. I hope we will see more Purgatori comics in the future.


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