Swords of VERY Sorrow

When Dynamite Entertainment announced this female driven series I thought it was the best thing to ever happen. I was sorely disappointed. While the overall event was good it felt like a lot of build up and fell flat in the end. When I think of how Purgatori’s character was portrayed I just end up feeling sorry she existed in this mini series to begin with. The main Swords of Sorrow series written by Gail Simone made Purgatori out to be a basic villain. It seemed like no previous source material was read because the character was completely off base…even leading Purgatori to have intercourse with the main male villain. She has done a lot of things for power but sex is not an action to just use on a whim…unless it was with a female. Even when she was about to have sex with Lucifer for power in her cannon she bit him before they could fully initiate the action.

After some thought I got over the thought of her having sex with a man in hopes there would be a redemption in the end…even a mention of her disgust for him. In the end she just fled and all the readers introduced to Purgatori learned that she was nothing more than how she was portrayed. I was heartbroken and angered. To have Purgatori debased this way…it is an absolutely slap to the Blood Goddess.

On the other hand I was happy with the one shot called Swords of Sorrow: Pantha & Jane Porter Special written by Emma Beeby – you go girl. That is a highly recommended read that portrayed Purgatori exactly how I would imagine. I was most impressed with the dynamicΒ she gave Pantha and Sakkara, that was a pleasant surprise. I recommend everyone read this special even if you do not read the event. I absolutely adore it! Even her appearance in the Swords of Sorrow: Chaos! Prequel written by Mairghread Scott did a good job.


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