Dynamite Never Went Off

As with every new title released under a publisher, sales typically decrease as the series goes on. The trend of rebooting series is a marketing ploy so that the sales can increase with each new #1 produced. Unfortunately, the comic publisher Dynamite Entertainment never quite hit the sales mark hoped once they released their wave of titles for the Chaos! Comics characters. There was hope after the first wave that another one would be produced but no such luck. Evil Ernie just recieved his third series from Dynamite this past year but he has been the only one. It also does not help that Tim Seeley is signed exclusive to another publisher. Who is there now to helm the world of Chaos!?…it is sad that these characters keep appearing forgotten by their latest publishers.

Purgatori’s mini series ended two years ago with no continuation. I was constantly looking for a new series but all I recieved was brief appearances in events such as Swords of Sorrow (laugh) and Alice Cooper vs. Chaos!. At this point I am done waiting and just feel anger. If Dynamite does not wish to use these characters then they should at least give them to a publisher that does. Keeping fans waiting this long is ridiculous…they would never wait that long for a character like Vampirella. Vampirella has a large fan base, which comes from her not only being an iconic character but having a large publication history. If you do not produce any new comics than people loose interest.

Dynmaite must be hestitant to put out more Chaos! because of sales, which I had mentioned was lower than expected. Honestly though the Chaos! characters are iconic it is also important to note that Chaos! Fiends have an extreme loyalty to the creator of these characters – Brian Pulido. Without him in the mix Dynamite has to rebuild these characters on their own without the Pulido Fan Base. Sure there are some that transition over but it is not without guilt. Fiends believe that by reading Dynamite material that they are beytraying Pulido and the foundation of his characters.

Honestly at this point I think Dynamite is better selling these characters off. I can only hope that Brian Pulido will be the one to pick them up if this ever happens. If that were to happen than I strongly believe that sales would be fantastic. What Dynamite really lacks is Brian’s charisma and marketing that he has in place. He has a passion for what he is publishing, lets the world know it and creates an excitement for any new material. I had a lot of hope for this publisher but the truth is that Pulido is the soul behind Chaos!.




Real Talk – Sexuality in Comics

People complain when characters are too sexualized in comics. Some do this complaining justly and others unjustly. When characters become objects or body parts like in porn or advertisements for products then I see reason to be angry. When it comes to risqué outfits that is another breed of topic.

Are there character outfits created with the purpose of the male gaze? Yes, of course there is. Are those characters any less strong or badass because of that? No, I think not. The comics industry has this new scary trend where they are covering up every inch of their female characters so there is no backlash from those crying “sexism” or about inappropriate outfits. This is unhealthy, sexuality should not be shameful or shunned because people do not understand it or fear it. Sexuality can be positive and embraced. One should never deny a person or character their right to express their own individual self-expression through sexuality or otherwise. Characters like Red Sonja, Vampirella, and Purgatori are criticized because of their outfit choices but their appearance is apart of who they are and what makes them iconic characters. They are strong women who do not care what you think and dress how they want because, shocker, they LIKE it! I applaud those companies that choose to stick by their characters and refuse to change apart of them because of those out there who believe women should not be sexual beings with their own autonomy.

Do not get me wrong, I love characters in body suits but only if it is something the character would wear. Could scantily clad women also wear them? Sure, but not in the long run. People might think their outfits are not just too revealing but also unrealistic. To this I laugh because that is part of the appeal. Are these women putting themselves in more danger by being so exposed? Yes, and that is what makes them so badass. Do they ever get injured? Yes, but it is rare because these women know they can hold their own. Plus these women can take a few injuries here and there and still take you down, did I not say they were badass? We are talking about warriors here, not damsels in distress. Take for instance Gamora the Marvel character. Her tag line is that she is the most dangerous woman in the galaxy and she has run around in minimal clothing for most of her comics career. Now she has received the coverage treatment (though it is tasteful) but I do not see anyone covering up her fellow male guardian Drax.

Have you ever thought about how difficult it might be to fight in a full body suit? Yea less armor may be less sensible but it is breezier, not as heavy, and easier to maneuver around especially if you are trained in specific fighting art forms. I have always thought about how Batman’s suit is so unrealistic, no way anyone in real life would wear that heavy suit of armor around and swing around a city.

The Bottom line is that both men AND women should be free to express themselves however they see fit. Comic characters should not have to give up what makes them iconic because people do not understand the difference between sexuality and sexualizing something. You could sexualize ANYTHING, it is all a matter of the person and their perspective. Not everything that you find sexy or sexualized is something that I sexualize. There are predators out there that sexualize inappropriately but that does mean you are like them. Sexuality is a form of expression and everyone should be free to express it however they want to, it is our human right to do so. Calling a character a “slut” is no different than slut shaming a real woman, it is wrong and a hinderance to freedom of expression.

I am a feminist. I went to college and graduated with a Bachelors in Women and Gender Studies. I am aware that my sexuality is not your sexuality. I am also aware of how important sexuality is to someone’s identity. I am not ashamed of anyone expressing themselves. If someone wants to cover themselves up then I say go for it. If someone wants to wear minimal clothing then I say go for it. People will sexualize you whether you wear a body suit or nothing at all, that is the real problem.

Author Post 11/6/14

Sorry for the lack of updates but I have been busy with my University Studies. Of course, I have been reading the new Dynamite Purgatori issues and will post about them soon enough. In regards to continuing with my posts, they will remain in chronological order by series, but they will be briefer. I realized not everyone may be looking for a step-by-step recollection of their favorite Vampire Goddess. Instead I will briefly summarize the story, talk about the main character development points, and introduce new characters or updates.

On another note, I have great news! I went to my local Delaware Comic Con and found this Purgatori poster for $2. Sweet deal!

Who, What, and Why?

My name is Elizabeth Velazquez and I am a 21-year-old who happens to love CHAOS! comics and as a result I have an attachment to the character Purgatori. During the height of the CHAOS! company reign I was only a few years old, so I did not get a chance to experience the bad ass women that conquered the 90s – at first. Upon my dissent into comics I visited a shop in Philadelphia, Atomic City Comics. Here I encountered, in the dollar bins, my new found love. Still it would not be until months later that I begin reading about the blood Goddess. I fell quick and hard. I admired the qualities that Purgatori had because she could react without caring about the consequences. I fell in love with her all the way around, she is beautiful, strong, and she knows it, it hurts to think about the fact that she does not really exist (although the reality of her is actually terrifying to imagine in person). So I am here now in celebration of her upcoming new series by Dynamite, to share my love of Purgatori to anyone who appreciates her as much as I do.