Purgatori: Goddess Rising

Writer: Marc Andreyko

Artist: Mike Deodato, Jr.

“I have never been defiled by man. Let alone impregnated with his seed!”

One of the things that have always defined Purgatori was her rise to power. Everything she has done has been to gain power, no matter the price. This is a common theme in her stories and something that seems to follow her wherever she goes. This is a perfect arc to showcase her ascension, properly titled “Goddess Rising.”SCAN0533 The art by Mike Deodato, Jr. is stunning and appropriate in regards to portraying the Goddesses new image.

The arc begins in July 99′ in the aftermath of the 7-issue Purgatori Monthly series. Purgatori is once again working with Satrina, this time they take down the vatican vampires and steal their treasures. Through visions summoned by blood alchemy, Purgatori see’s into her future, which reveals that Satrina wishes to kill her. Satrina summons a monster to do this but he refuses to be controlled and attempts to harm her, in fear Satrina runs into Purgatori’s arms only to have her heart ripped out by the Blood Goddess. The creatures reveals himself to be Gorge, Purgatori’s blood son. He claims to help her seek knowledge in her quest for ascension. The Goddess now believes Rath was working with Satrina all along and attacks. She rips out Rubicante’s, Rath’s brother, spine. It is revealed that Rath has not betrayed Purgatori but wants to see her ascension into Godhood. The Goddess visits a world with the finest warriors from across the universe and turns them into her blood warriors willingly. They go after Asgard first and defeat all the Asgardians, she now wields the Odin power as her own. Purgatori keeps one of the valkyries, Lady Death’s half sister Vulvania, as her concubine and warrior. Finally Gorge betrays her in an attempt to steal her power but she bests him with ease and heads off with her warrior army.


Smiley The Psychotic Button

Smiley The Psychotic Button (July, 1998)

Writer: Jesse Leon McCann

Artist: Ivan Reis


In one part of this issue Smiley is dreaming about a place called Castle Smiley in which he is the ruler over all men and women. He is Knight-King and some of the women, fawning and praising over him, include Purgatori, Chastity, and Lady Demon.


Purgatori Monthly

“I can halt the coursing blood within an enemy’s veins! Blind him by pooling his fluid in his eyes! Make her spurt a cloud of vital life! Or summon his exploding heart into my hands! Vengeance and ascension are not mutually exclusive!”

This 7 issue monthly series that began in October 98′ is written by David Quinn with stunning art by Al Rio. This series picks with Purgatori inSCAN0199 New York where she finds a plethora of fallen angels, some allies and others enemy’s. Through her allies, The Fallen, she finds out about her prophecy of ascension. Upon returning back to business in the guise of Sakkara she encounters her ex-paramour, Satrina. They become lovers once more but Satrina betrays her by hiring a vampire assassin named Karmilla to kill her. Karmilla is only going after someone as threatening as Purgatori because her children have been abducted and she seeks to save them by completing Satrina’s task. Purgatori defeats SCAN0299Karmilla and sends her to hell. Next she seeks out Jade and in her quest runs into Dracula who promises to help Purgatori attain the Chalice of Regeneration from Jade. They complete their quest but Dracula betrays Purgatori and tries to steal the Chalice for himself. Dracula hopes to win the war among the vampire clans and rule all. Purgatori defeats Dracula and learns that he is already dying, his blood has been poisoned by the modern vampire’s experiment to kill him. Dracula hopes to take Purgatori down with him but she bests him and rips out his heart and fangs. By wearing his fangs on a necklace she now controls his vampiric allies and all his earthly powers.

Guide to Ashcans – Purgatori Edition

Ashcans are typically used for copyright purposes. Companies use them to secure titles, characters, and concepts so that no one else uses them. Comic ashcans typically showcase work in progress issues, which often come in the form of black and white pages on different quality paper. They are usually produced in fewer quantities and therefore they can become quite the collectible. CHAOS! used them very frequently in order to give fans a taste of what was coming. These were often produced in the forms of Standard and Premium editions, the latter being the rarer.

Being that I collect all things Purgatori, these collectibles are something I could not pass up. Beyond just collecting these, they serve a purpose that holds similar to when writers release scripts (a connection to the writing and character). Some ashcans just display WIP pictures but others also include things like preliminary sketches and actual pages from scripts. They are quite the collectible to anyone who is a fan of a character and very much worth investing in. Now this does not mean you should pay crazy money for these things, often you will find them for a decent price if you just look hard enough. If you ever need help searching for something Purgatori related, just let me know and I can help you in your journey. Finding rare issues, including ashcans, has become a skill of mine.

Below are the Purgatori ashcans that I have been able to find. For the most part, this should be all of them but surprises do happen. 🙂

Now I want to showcase some of the interiors I have picked out from various ashcans. I choose a variety of different images that give you a conclusive idea of what to expect if you decide to purchase an ashcan (just remember that not all ashcans are the same and some just include WIP panels).

I hope you enjoyed this mass post about ashcans! As a collector, they are well worth the purchase – also the limited quantities make them all the more desirable!

Here is an eBay link to some Purgatori ashcans available.

Cover/Interior Artists include Al Rio, Romano Molenaar, Fabiano Neves, & Adriano Batista.

Chastity: Rocked

Writer: Phil Nutman

Artist: Josue Justiniano

Purgatori is briefly mentioned in the Chastity Rocked series. Below you will find all the minute details of her appearance.


Chastity: Rocked #1 (November, 1998)

Chastity wonders why Jade has returned to the United States, she wonders if Purgatori is the reason.


Chastity: Rocked #2 (December, 1998)


Jade is telling Chastity the story of her turn to a vampire, she speaks of an attack by a “Red-Skinned Demon”, Purgatori, that created her.


Chastity: Rocked #4 (February, 1999)


Purgatori only appears on the cover of this issue.

The Omen: Vexed


Artist: Ed Benes

The Omen: Vexed (October, 1998)

SCAN0380In this issue Vex faints and is transported to a dream-like state.

Purgatori is attempting an arcane blood ritual which looks to be successful. Unfortunately she feels an entity entering her mind, and she screams for it to get out.


The next time we see Purgatori she attacks Vex with a blood lasso and calls her a world destroyer and a bastard spawn of Chaos (Vex is the child of the Chaos Lord Genocide). She is further cryptic when she claims that “he” wants Vex but cannot have her.

SCAN0382Vex grabs hold of the lasso, Purgatori is surprised by her strength. She pulls Purgatori toward her and places her hand on her head. Purgatori’s head begins to burn, she further comments that Vex’s true nature is what “he” wants.

SCAN0383Purgatori is further convinced that Vex must die. She lunges at Vex and resists the urge to feed on the girl, her blood stinks of chaos and Purgatori does not wish to be infected by it. She begins to choke Vex when Vex’s powers take hold again, she urges Purgatori to embrace the chaos within herself. Purgatori is kneeling on the ground with her hands boxing her ears, she refuses to submit to chaos.

SCAN0384Suddenly Purgatori faints and is reverted to her human form. A dark figure stands behind her claiming that she has failed him.

SCAN0385Purgatori suddenly wakes up in her arcane alter room. She is attempting to remain in control and keep herself in order, refusing to let the chaos within her take hold.


In the end we learn that the creature who hired Purgatori is Nocturnus, who is actually an illusion for a bunch of chaos demons. Their hope was to kill Vex by manipulating others to do it.

Evil Ernie #1-3

Writer: Brian Pulido

Artist: David Brewer

Evil Ernie #1 (July, 1998)


Purgatori is performing a cannibal magick ritual, she uses it to transport herself outside of Mary’s body to confront Ernie for the first time.

Chastity, currently dating Ernie, claims to have heard of the blood goddess. Purgatori takes Chastity as leverage to get Ernie to follow her.


Purgatori has Chastity chained down on a table, her game has begun and she has no intention of turning over the prize.


Evil Ernie #2 (August, 1998)


Cover by Kyle Hotz

Chastity appears distressed as Purgatori strokes her face, she finds the Goddess scary and repulsive. Purgatori is just using Chaz as a pawn but senses something different about her.


Purgatori goes into Chaz’s mind and recalls the memories of the young vampire. She is impressed that Chaz bested her nemesis Jade, but finds her pathetic for loving Ernie.

Chastity is weak from the bloodlust, because Purgatori finds her useful she gives her an innocent human to feed from, but Chaz refuses. Purgatori bites into the human and pours her blood into a chalice, which she feeds to the little vampire.


Purgatori changes into her human form and takes them to the Red Lip Stick Club, to have some fun. A girl spills her drink on Purgatori, she orders her to clean it up. The girlfriend gets jealous but Purgatori spells her to submission as well.

Evil Ernie #3 (September, 1998)


There is a scream and the window behind Chaz breaks. Purgatori’s form reverts back, it is revealed that she has drained the girl. The jealous girlfriend comes barging in but she quickly kills her. Purgatori is upset, it is revealed that she sent the savior to pretend to work with Ernie, but now he is being attacked.


She flies away with Chastity and barges through the roof of the building where Ernie is. Purgatori calls the Savior incompetent and orders him to begin the ritual.

Purgatori suspects that Ernie’s “mind has control over reality in the mortal realm”, she goes into his mind to explore further. Ernie begins attacking her in the dream world, Purgatori’s solution is to concentrate on Ernie’s most painful memories.


This upsets Ernie, he breaks through her grip and goes to attack her. Purgatori disappears but just as quickly reappears and is punched by Ernie.


Chastity kicks Purgatori but Ernie steps back in. Ernie orders one of his cyber-dead to cease-fire, Purgatori takes this moment to make her exit. She has learned his weakness but fears his ability to create and the potential it carries.