Swords of VERY Sorrow

When Dynamite Entertainment announced this female driven series I thought it was the best thing to ever happen. I was sorely disappointed. While the overall event was good it felt like a lot of build up and fell flat in the end. When I think of how Purgatori’s character was portrayed I just end up feeling sorry she existed in this mini series to begin with. The main Swords of Sorrow series written by Gail Simone made Purgatori out to be a basic villain. It seemed like no previous source material was read because the character was completely off base…even leading Purgatori to have intercourse with the main male villain. She has done a lot of things for power but sex is not an action to just use on a whim…unless it was with a female. Even when she was about to have sex with Lucifer for power in her cannon she bit him before they could fully initiate the action.

After some thought I got over the thought of her having sex with a man in hopes there would be a redemption in the end…even a mention of her disgust for him. In the end she just fled and all the readers introduced to Purgatori learned that she was nothing more than how she was portrayed. I was heartbroken and angered. To have Purgatori debased this way…it is an absolutely slap to the Blood Goddess.

On the other hand I was happy with the one shot called Swords of Sorrow: Pantha & Jane Porter Special written by Emma Beeby – you go girl. That is a highly recommended read that portrayed Purgatori exactly how I would imagine. I was most impressed with the dynamic she gave Pantha and Sakkara, that was a pleasant surprise. I recommend everyone read this special even if you do not read the event. I absolutely adore it! Even her appearance in the Swords of Sorrow: Chaos! Prequel written by Mairghread Scott did a good job.


Dynamite Never Went Off

As with every new title released under a publisher, sales typically decrease as the series goes on. The trend of rebooting series is a marketing ploy so that the sales can increase with each new #1 produced. Unfortunately, the comic publisher Dynamite Entertainment never quite hit the sales mark hoped once they released their wave of titles for the Chaos! Comics characters. There was hope after the first wave that another one would be produced but no such luck. Evil Ernie just recieved his third series from Dynamite this past year but he has been the only one. It also does not help that Tim Seeley is signed exclusive to another publisher. Who is there now to helm the world of Chaos!?…it is sad that these characters keep appearing forgotten by their latest publishers.

Purgatori’s mini series ended two years ago with no continuation. I was constantly looking for a new series but all I recieved was brief appearances in events such as Swords of Sorrow (laugh) and Alice Cooper vs. Chaos!. At this point I am done waiting and just feel anger. If Dynamite does not wish to use these characters then they should at least give them to a publisher that does. Keeping fans waiting this long is ridiculous…they would never wait that long for a character like Vampirella. Vampirella has a large fan base, which comes from her not only being an iconic character but having a large publication history. If you do not produce any new comics than people loose interest.

Dynmaite must be hestitant to put out more Chaos! because of sales, which I had mentioned was lower than expected. Honestly though the Chaos! characters are iconic it is also important to note that Chaos! Fiends have an extreme loyalty to the creator of these characters – Brian Pulido. Without him in the mix Dynamite has to rebuild these characters on their own without the Pulido Fan Base. Sure there are some that transition over but it is not without guilt. Fiends believe that by reading Dynamite material that they are beytraying Pulido and the foundation of his characters.

Honestly at this point I think Dynamite is better selling these characters off. I can only hope that Brian Pulido will be the one to pick them up if this ever happens. If that were to happen than I strongly believe that sales would be fantastic. What Dynamite really lacks is Brian’s charisma and marketing that he has in place. He has a passion for what he is publishing, lets the world know it and creates an excitement for any new material. I had a lot of hope for this publisher but the truth is that Pulido is the soul behind Chaos!.



Artist Spotlight – Nei Ruffino!

Today I want to shine the spotlight on Nei Ruffino. I have come to really admire her portrayal of Purgatori and she, among the other cover artists, remains a firm favorite. I would love for her to continue doing covers for the Blood Goddess, she always manages to create new and unique portrayals that leave me wanting more.

Here you will find links to the artists Facebook and Twitter page.

NOTE: This page will be updated when new works of art appear by the artist.

Interview with Aaron Gillespie – Purgatori’s Future!


I am very excited to bring you an interview with Aaron Gillespie. Aaron is most known for his work with The Bionic Man. As a long time Purgatori fan he is excited to get the chance to write her new on-going series published by Dynamite Entertainment comics.

It is very exciting to see a Purgatori ongoing title back on the shelves. Does it feel surreal writing such a popular CHAOS! Character?

AG: Writing a character I read as a teenager does feel weird. Purgatori was my favorite character from the Chaos line which does make it feel a little surreal. If Adult Me could go back in time and tell Teenage Me that I’d be writing Purgatori, I never would have believed it.

Your intention of having Purgatori fall so low is to humanize her and make her more relatable to the audience, but is the separation of Purgatori’s demonic persona long term?

AG: Well if I told you that would be spoiling, wouldn’t it? 🙂
The purpose of this first storyarc is to get Purgatori back to status quo after the events in the Chaos miniseries that Tim wrote. Now, will that status quo be the same as it was before Purgatori was “killed” and sent to hell? You’ll have to wait to find out the answer to that. Regardless of where the vampire goddess is at the end of this arc, it’ll be a wild ride. I can tell you that much.

I was very excited to learn that Jade was returning. Do you plan on bringing in other blood daughters, whether old or new?

AG: I have some plans for Kabala, but nothing in the near future. Purgatori has been around for a long time, so it seems a given that she has other blood daughters floating around out there. Some may hate her, just like Jade and Kabala, while others may feel grateful for the gift of unlife. And some may have meant more to Purgatori than just a quick meal. The possibilities are endless and it’s been really fun coming up with new characters to fill out Purgatori’s world.

What are your romantic intentions for Purgatori down the line? Do you plan on giving her a love interest?

AG: I have an idea brewing, yes. I always like the complicated relationship between Purgatori and Satrina and would like to work something like that into the book. In my mind, Purgatori’s views on love were forever affected by her betrayal as a young woman. That’s always going to affect her relationships. It’s that guarded nature that makes Purgatori so interesting and it might be fun to see her start to let her guard down with someone.

I have heard Lucifer will appear here and there, what about Lady Hel? What is your opinion of the character?

AG: I think Tim did a fantastic job creating Lady Hel. I daresay he’s made a more interesting character than the one she replaced. Lady Hel will always be a thorn in Purgatori’s side and vise versa but she’s going to take a backseat for a little while.

I had a few questions about Purgatori’s revamped origin, such as the Fallen Angels and Queen Ostraca. I realize that I should just wait until the next arc, but is there anything you can say about it?

AG: Purgatori’s origin is basically intact. I’m hinting at it in this current storyarc, but her doomed relationship with Queen Ostraca is still there. Rath is still a major player. Things don’t really change until we get to the reason Purgatori looks like the vampire demoness we’ve come to know. Tim lays it out pretty well in the Chaos mini when we see Purgatori banished to Lady Hel’s prison. I won’t elaborate more than that because I plan on fleshing it all out in the pages of the book, but the origin is pretty close to the same as the original.

I’ve read instances where interviewers ask about a Vampirella crossover. Who would your ideal crossover(s) be with?

AG: Vampirella is way up there. It just seems like such a natural fit. And like I’ve said in other interviews, there is a precedent for it. I just hope I get to write it!
As for other Dynamite characters? I think there are some natural ways to get a Purgatori/Red Sonja crossover to happen.

What can we expect with the upcoming arcs?

AG: The next arc is going to be my version of The Vampire Myth. There will be a modern story pushing the arc, but we’ll get a retelling of Purgatori’s origin along the way. We’ll see what made her the woman she is today.
After that, I have a short arc planned that will bring a new adversary into Purgatori’s world. I can’t say much about it, but it will be a new person from Purgatori’s past.
Also, if things work out the way I’d like, events in Lady Demon could shape Purgatori’s world for a long time to come. As well as the rest of the Chaos universe. How’s that for a tease?

Thanks so much for this opportunity! I love the blog!

I hope you enjoyed the interview! If you had the chance to interview Aaron, what would you ask? Let me know in the comments section below!

My Purgatori Comic Book Collection

Today I thought I’d post my own Purgatori comic book collection. It is about 85% complete with rarer issues missing. Some of these include Purgatori: The Vampire’s Myth #1 Black Onyx Edition, Purgatori: #0 Premium, Purgatori: Emprie CBLDF, and some foil variants and ashcans, etc.

For a full comic book checklist checkout out the tab on top of the site called “Comic Checklist.” Here I will have a relatively comprehensive list of all Purgatori’s titles and variants. An updated list will be posted as needed.