Galactic Con 2015 Commissions!

The was the first year for the successful Galactic Con, also known as Middletown Comic Con, located in Delaware. Delaware has a First State Comic Con but that pales in size and attendees compared to Galactic. I was surprised that, hours into the convention, people were still waiting in a long line which wrapped around the block. While there were many artists and vendors this year, the hope is for upon success to garner even more popular comic artists (and a bigger venue). Even so, I managed to get plenty of commissions of the Blood Goddess this year, all beautifully crafted in their own ways. I just love the varying styles that each of the artists have presented Purgatori in and really admire the time they each gave her.

Anthony Spay


I was delighted to see Anthony attending con because I have always loved his penciling on the Grimm Fairy Tales comic series. It was a no brainer decision when it came to commission him for Purgatori – and I am so immensely happy that I did. I did not expect the additional detail of the skulls and was blown away by the detail. I highly recommend commissioning him for a project, he is very friendly and the communication was great!

Here is a link to the artists Facebook, Twitter, and Website.

Tony Townsend


I was relatively unfamiliar with Tony’s art when I first started looking into the artists attending con. When I first saw his art, particularly the white on black 12×12 pieces, I was very impressed with the beauty of his art. I was excited to commission him and was happy to receive his re-creation of Michael Turner’s Purgatori piece.

Here is a link to the artists Facebook and Website.

Delia Gable


What I really wanted was a woman to draw Purgatori – heck I would be ecstatic if I only commissioned women! I picked Delia because of the realism she brings to her art. When I received this piece of art I was blown away with all the detail that she added to this work of art. She had researched the character and even thought to include a sword, color me impressed!

Here is a link to the artists Facebook, Twitter, and Website.

Buz Hasson


I had previously met Buz at my comic shop, The Comic Book Shop, where he was illustrating sketch cards one afternoon. I had wanted to get a sketch of Purgatori then but his line was long and I did not want to take up more of his time. I am extremely happy I waited and commissioned this sketch cover, it is so much more than I had hoped for and I am in love with it!

Here is a link to the artists Facebook, Twitter, and Website.

Ken Haeser


I knew Ken because of the Dynamite Chaos! and Evil Ernie variants that he had done. I was excited to commission him because I knew he was already familiar with the character. This piece turned out to be fantastic and I am really glad to finally have a head sketch of Purgatori, which is something I have wanted to get done for a while.

Here is a link to the artists FacebookTwitter, and Website.

Safe to say I had a great experience at Middletown’s first Comic Con! These artists are all fantastic and I am proud to add their work to my collection.

Note: Anthony, Delia, and Tony all did their commissions before the con, while Buz and Ken did them at the convention scene. All were contacted before hand about working on the pieces. 


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